Saturday, September 5, 2009

Typical Day From Corrine

I am here and not sure if I want to admit how my typical day goes....

It is sooooo far from what I wanted in my perfect world. I knew that I would homeschool our kids before they were born. So, I had some really strong ideas of how my days would look.

I imagined that it would be like those old victorian prints with a mom sitting by a tree reading to her children while someone plays classical music.

Instead it is more like- someone puts in a cd of Christian ROCK or screamo and that wakes me up in the am followed by spilled milk and too much food dripping off the table onto the floor.

Then we start morning chores. Play outside, water flowers & start the next feeding session. As the little ones nap we try to start school. Sometimes we get through a whole day, sometimes we do not. That is why we schooled all year long before the older ones went to Public School. It was my mission to make sure that they finished their work before the next year began.

I liked to live each day. If that meant we played legos and rode bikes for hours, then many days we played all day. I like the freedom of schooling our children at home- our way. Mine did not play computer games all day. That time was very limited, but good clean fun was never stopped so we could school. (ALL of these freedoms were for my kids under the third grade age.) I wanted the little ones to really enjoy their childhood on our ranch. The older ones schedule was harder.

Now, my older three are in PS and my younger three are at home. If I had a full time nanny or assistant, I would still have all of them at home. But, since I have five boys in a row and my health has not been as good at times- I needed to reconsider what was more important. Their education was more important than my need to homeschool. I want them to be able to provide for their wives, so that they can homeschool as stay at home wives. In the long run, that is more important than keeping my high schooler at home. I know this option is not for everyone, but it has helped me be more sane and happy as a stay at home wife and mom. (BTW, our older three have straight A's for the most part. They have done wonderful in PS and have no major gaps in their education.)

So, the long and short of it goes like this.

I am only one woman- doing at least three full time jobs. My days are crazy, funny and most importantly at home. I love being at home. I love my house and l love having my home as a base for the many other ministries that God calls me to.

Whatever your day brings, in the long run we must bring Glory to our Lord. In the end we all will be blessed and be a blessing when we live with that in mind.

I am so thankful for this wonderful group of women that I can call friends on this loop. AND Welcome to the new families to our cyber loop of homeschool moms. Don't ever hesitate to ask for help. This group has a ton of wise ladies who are ready to offer advice & prayers!

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