Monday, September 14, 2009

A Typical Day By: Alison

Ahhh? What is a typical day? Hopefully not coming home from a wonderful family reunion and mini vacation to still no internet (although it was to be fixed before we left), a washing machine that smells of an electrical fire when used and cat poop in various undesirable places throughout the house. And my plan was to start our school year the next day at 9am! Needless to say, to make sure we all started out the year with everyone having a good attitude (including Mommy) I opted to postpone starting school for a day or two (again!) This goes to show that there is no typical or ideal day at the Lewis household.

I had high ideals in my 20's before marriage and children of what my homeschool day would be. I was one of those homeschool nerds that went to seminars when I was single and no children. In retrospect, that was a blessing from the Lord since I haven't been able to attend since my oldest was born.

God is faithful and knows our strengths and weaknesses as do our children (and all too well) and I know if we lean on Him that all things will work together for good.

I have a basic plan, but with a husband who loves life and is not sure when to go to bed, a precocious toddler and a precious first grader with extra challenges our typical day varies month to month as their development changes (my two younger ones, not my husband). Fortunately, my older two are very flexible and understand. Life is too short to be too rigid (that is a real gem coming from an accountant of 20+ years!)

In a nutshell, this is what we strive for:

School work (with two recesses in the am- necessity with three boys with lots of energy)
older two trade off playing with younger two
Individual school time with first grader
reading and nap time
Scouts and other projects
computer time
time with Daddy
Bible time


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