Local Links

 Corporate Reading Programs
Field Trips (In the Dallas/Fort Worth MetroPlex)
    • Dallas Museum of Natural History
    • Fort Worth Museum of Science and History
    • Age of Steam Railroad Museum
    • Dallas Aquarium at Fair Park
    • Hall of State
    • Texas Discovery Gardens
    • AmTrak
    • Fort Worth Zoo
    • Dallas Zoo
    • Botanic Gardens
    • Dallas World Aquarium
    • Dinosaur Valley State Park (Glen Rose)
    • Creation Evidence Museum (Glen Rose)
  • Field Trips (Texas)
    • Space Center in Houston
    • The Discovery Science Place (Tyler)
    • Austin's Children's Museum of Houston
    • The Science Spectrum (Lubbock)
    • Woodlands Children's Museum
    • The Museum of Health and Medical Science (Houston)
    • The Alamo (San Antonio)
    • LBJ Library and Museum (Austin)
    • Pioneer Farms (Austin)
    • Houston Museum of Natural Science


  1. Good morning,

    I am curious if the Beth Fox listed on your site is the amazingly talented woman who made the cd for Cycle 3. I am trying to find a cd for cycle 1, we are spoiled now and need her!!


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