Saturday, February 28, 2009


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EC - Tambourine Dance Class

Here is a sample of what our 4th-6th grade girls are learning in the Tambourine Dance class:

Rattlers Compete for State Championship!

The Red River Rattlers Girls' basketball team were runners-up in the competition for State Champions in the Texas Christian Althletic League today! More details to come...

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Homeschool Stores

Home Educator's Resource in Lewisville.

Phone #: (972) 956-8320

Location: 410 E. Church Street

Directions: (from Gainesville area) Take I-35S toward Dallas. Exit Main Street in Lewisville. Turn left at the light, going over the over-pass, toward Old Town Lewisville. Turn left on Henrietta Street. The store is directly on your right, on the corner of Church & Henrietta.

Review: HER is a wonderful place to purchase your homeschool curriculum, supplies, & find great books to add to your home library. HER carries both new & used items. You can find some great deals on used curriculum & books or have somewhere to sell your used curriculum. The staff at this store are super friendly & very helpful. You will find the store to be easy to navigate & child-friendly (there is play area for your children while you shop). HER offers a frequent shopper card to earn a discount for all your purchases. The store frequently runs sales on curriculum & has always had 2 major sales (at least 20% off) each year during the summer & winter -- these are great opportunities to save money on purchasing your homeschool curriculum. HER also has a great website that you can purchase curriculum from online (the sales often apply to online orders &/or phone orders).
H.O.P.E. Academy is available through HER, which offers homeschool classes, consultations, & testing. For more information please visit their website.

Mardel in Denton or Lewisville.

Denton Phone #: 940-384-7076

Location: 1800 S. Loop 288, Ste. 210

Directions: (from Gainesville) Take I-35 S toward Dallas. Exit 463 toward TX-288-LOOP. Turn left at the light (going under the overpass) onto Lillian Miller Pkwy. Go straight passing the mall & crossing over Colorado St. Mardel will be to your left in the same shopping area as Old Navy.

Lewisville Phone #: 972-316-8444

Location: 2428-B S. Stemmons Freeway

Directions: (from Gainesville) Take I-35 S toward Dallas. Exit 3040/Round Grove Rd. Turn left at the light (going over the overpass). Take your first right into the shopping center to your right. Mardel is in the same shopping center as Toys R Us & Garden Ridge (between the two stores)

Review: Mardel is a christian & education book store that carries new homeschool curriculum. Although, the homeschool curriculum here is limited, they do carry the more popular used curriculum & have a great selection of educational materials. You will also find fabulous books, educational toys, videos, music, teaching materials/supplies, and many other christian & educational merchandise. The prices here are competitively reasonable. Mardel also offers two 20% educational sales each year (summer & winter) that can be a great savings for many homeschoolers. Recently Mardel began to offer curriculum/merchandise online, so check out their website for more information.

Recycled Books in Denton.

Phone #: (940) 566-5688

Location: 200 N.Locust

Directions: Take I-35 S toward Dallas. Exit 465B toward US-377/FT WORTH DR. Turn LEFT onto FORT WORTH DR. Turn RIGHT onto FORT WORTH DR. Turn RIGHT onto EAGLE DR. Turn LEFT onto S LOCUST ST. Recycled books is a tall purple building on the corner to your RIGHT.

Review: Recycled Books is a huge used books store. This store is not only a good place to sell your used books, but a wonderful place to find great books. Hidden within this store are the hard to find classics we all want to add to our book shelves. The selection here is incredible. Navigating the store is almost overwhelming, but the staff is very helpful. The children's section is on the lower main level to the right of the store. In this area you will also find a small homeschool specific section & an average parenting/educational guides (Ex. "The Educated Child") section. Most of the books here are in good shape & the prices are unbelievable. This store is a book lovers dream come true! You will cringe at the thought of paying full price for a book again. *This store does offer a 10% discount to homeschoolers.

Barnes & Noble Gives 20% off to homeschoolers - you must ask to sign up for the educator discount.

Evening of Enrichment

The Evening of Enrichment is our end-of-semester program each Spring and Fall. Many of our classes perform something they have learned, and other classes have display tables featuring their projects. We've had dramatic plays, video slide-shows, dance performances, musical performances, foreign language recitals, and so much more. It's always different, and always fun!
Rifles and Sabers

Everyone is invited!
Flags performance
If you've never attended EC, this is a great way to see what it's all about.


For info on the current Evening of Enrichment, email a Board Member at

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Home School Book Fair

The Homeschool Book Fair takes place each year on the 2nd weekend in May at the Arlington Convention Center.
This is the BIG one! There are so many great workshops, speakers, and of course, vendors with their merchandise on display. It's a great way to see your options firsthand, ask questions of the publishers, purchase curriculum at a discount, and see what's new!

We usually have a large number of families attending, so watch the RRCH Yahoo group around April/May for emails about who's going and who you can share rides with.

Tips to remember:

  • No strollers or wheeled carts are allowed, so keep this in mind when you're planning which children to bring!
  • Sack lunches are not allowed in the building. You will either need to eat out at your car, or purchase a lunch in the dining hall. Eating in the dining hall allows you to sit and listen to the Home School Choir perform. They are great!
  • There is a nursing mothers room provided.
  • If you make lots of purchases, they have a check room to hold your bags until the end of the day.
If money is tight, consider volunteering 2 hours of your time in exchange for admission. Even children10 and up are allowed to volunteer.

Register early for 1/2 price admission. See their website for current admission fees.

Workshops may be downloaded for $3 each here.

Get all the details HERE. (This website also gives you a complete list of curriculum vendors with links to their websites.)

Must Have Books for Beginning Homeschoolers

If you are considering homeschooling or if your family in new to homeschooling two Must Have books are:

Educating the Wholehearted Child by Clay & Sally Clarkson. This book is a fantastic inspiration & explains so much about homeschooling. After reading Educating the Wholehearted Child you will have gained fabulous ideas for homeschooling, great insight on homeschooling, a wonderful list of books to start your home library, helpful information on homeschooling resources, and so much more. You will find yourself rereading this book throughout your homeschooling journey.

Here is a list from the Wholehearted website on topics covered in this book:
Why to Homeschool: Biblical and practical reasons.
Discipleship: Shaping your child's heart to live for God.
Education: Strengthening your child's mind to learn for God.
Homeschool Models: Various approaches to home education.
The Home-Centered Learning Model: Our own comprehensive, integrated model using whole books and real life, based on discipleship.
Methods: Covering over three dozen key subject areas and emphases with extensive practical input.
Learning Styles: An uncomplicated way to better understand how your children live and learn.
Organization: Insights and tips on planning and organizing at home.
Lifestyle: Wisdom and encouragement from an experienced homeschooling mother (Sally).
Resources and Support: How to get started and keep going.

Cathy Duffy's Top 100 Picks for Homeschool Curriculum is a WONDERFUL guide for picking your homeschool curriculum. This book gives a great explanation of the importance of choosing the right curriculum for your homeschool. Cathy Duffy's Top 100 Picks breaks down the process of choosing your curriculum into several helpful categories so that you may choose the curriculum that will best blend your teaching style & your child's learning style with your desired approach to homeschooling. Cathy Duffy did a fabulous job at selecting & organizing the top curriculum into several categories making your choices easier. At the back of the book you will find a detailed review for all her 100 picks - which includes prices & purchasing information. As if the book isn't a big enough help Cathy Duffy also has a website with several other reviews of great curriculum that was not listed in her book. Like Educating the Wholehearted Child, you will find yourself reading this book several times - as you find your homeschooling goals & styles changing within your family.

So You're Thinking About Homeschooling is wonderful for families to read as they are considering homeschooling.  Lisa gives a true dipiction of what homeschooling entails (with all the ups & downs).  Not only is Lisa honest about her own homeschooling journey, but  now an updated edition includes how fifteen other families share their approach to homeschooling.  This book deals with common questions of time management, teaching weaknesses, and outside responsibilities, as well as children's age variations, social and sports involvement, learning disabilities, and boredom.


Other books to consider:


The Red River Christian Homeschoolers have an awesome yearbook program! Our yearbooks include all ages and all families, and feature photos from all the various groups and activities. We can't do it without your photos! Here's how you can contribute:

* Positions on the yearbook staff are open to all high school age students, whether you attend Enrichment Classes or not. However, we do offer a yearbook class every semester at Enrichment.

* Submit your photos.  You may email any photos you would like to have included in the yearbook to We want photos of everything: families, field trips, groups, sports, and especially your kids having school at home!

United / Rainbow Grocery Co-op

Order all organic grocery items, household products and supplements from United. You pay cost + 10% and there is no fee to join! Items are ordered by the case, but you can join our Super Health Co-op Yahoo Group to split cases. Orders are delivered to New Life Bible Church in Gainesville every 4 weeks. A set of catalogs is just $5. For more info, contact Michelle Myers at

Conventional Produce Co-op

Conventional Produce Co-op:

Every three weeks we go to downtown Dallas to buy whole cases of produce from wholesalers. Sometimes it is organic, but most of the time, it is conventional like what you would buy at local groceries, just much cheaper and a few less middlemen. Cost is wholesale + 20% to cover driving to Dallas and dividing. Contact Alison Lewis at for more details and to get on the list for the price updated order sheet. Preorders are necessary to determine how many cases are to be purchased. You may order whole cases for your family or a few of any items. Many coop members buy several whole cases of peaches, pears, beans, etc. for canning or freezing during the summer.

Frontier Co-op

Frontier Co-op:

Bulk and packaged herbs, spices, supplements, personal care products, etc. may be ordered from Frontier Natural Foods Coop. Prices are wholesale plus 5% and shipping, if applicable. Orders are generally placed on a monthly basis. Contact Alison Lewis at to get on the email list to receive the monthly special catalogue, an easy to use order form and a hard copy of the bi annual product catalogue. You may arrange with Alison for pickup. Cash or checks made payable to North Texas Pantry are acceptable forms of payment. Visit Frontier Co-Op if you want to see the products available from Frontier. However, to get the wholesale prices, you will need to order through Alison Lewis.

Kindergarten Graduation

If you have a child who will be in Kindergarten during the upcoming school year and are interested in a Kindergarten Graduation, please leave a comment below.

No plans have been made yet. In fact, no one is in charge of the plans, so if this sounds like something you'd like to take on, feel free!

Contact Tiffany or Nicki with questions.

Cub Scout Pack #369

We have our own Homeschool Cub Scout Pack that meets during Enrichment Classes on Fridays. Pack 369 began in September 2001. We have a great pack with experienced and caring leaders. 1st through 5th grade boys can be Cub Scouts. Cub Scouts learn safety, history, life skills, and family building activities.Our pack meets year-round.

Contact information:

Alison Lewis

Box Tops For Education

Box Tops logo with website

Are you looking for an easy, painless way to support your local homeschoolers?

Box Tops For Education just might be what you are looking for. There are many products on the market that have the ‘box tops” that can be cut out and mailed in for cash. Box tops for education has provided the funds needed for Enrichments Classes to keep our costs at a minimum, purchase a copier for the homeschoolers to use at no cost and provide other necessary funds to keep things up and running.
You can drop your box tops off at our EC location during EC hours or contact Nicki Truesdell at to collect them for you. For all the products that participate in this program visit
And now, if you're an online shopper, there are even more ways to earn! Simply start your onlinie shopping at the Boxtops 4 Education Marketplace to earn boxtops for EC with every purchase. Just a few of the many stores in this program include: Target, Nordstrom, Barnes and Noble, Apple Store, Gap, Expedia, Carter's, iTunes, Home Depot, JC Penny, etc. To get started, just click here.

Don't forget to ask your neighbors, grandparents, and church friends for their Boxtops, too!

About Enrichment Classes

Red River Enrichment Classes is a cooperative teaching and learning experience formed in January of 2000 for local home school families. We meet in Gainesville, Texas.

Dinosaurs for PreK
There are two semesters each school year, and each semester is eleven weeks long. The Fall semester begins in September and the Spring semester begins in January. Parents teach a variety of classes on Fridays to small groups of home schooled children. The types of classes vary from academic courses to fun extra-curricular activities to athletic classes! Each semester ends with the Evening of Enrichment, a program showcasing the students' hard work.

Flags performance
Children of all ages are welcome to attend. There is a mother-attended nursery and a preschool program for ages 3-5. School aged children are divided as follows: K-1, 2-3, 4-6, 7-8, 9-12.
Nursery activities
Classes are taught from a Christian perspective (no New Age ideas, evolution, humanism, etc.) but in deference to others’ religious beliefs, denominational doctrine is not taught.
There is a $40.00 family registration fee, plus some classes charge an additional fee for class supplies. A full list of classes with their descriptions and fees will be mailed to those on the waiting list. Information packets for the upcoming semester (including classes available, prices, registration day, orientation, class dates, etc.) will be available by request.

The key to success at EC is cooperation. At least one parent from each family is expected to be involved and on the premises while their children are in classes. Enrichment Classes are a great way to meet and spend time with other home school families, and the classes are fun, too. We average 60 families each semester.
Little House Sewing
For more information on some of the basic guidelines, click here.

If you would like to be put on our waiting list then email the following information to Nicki Truesdell at :

  • Your name
  • Children’s grade AND age (for the semester they are on the waiting list for)
  • Child's gender if in 4th grade and above
  • Phone number
  • Email address
If you have questions you may contact an Enrichment Class board member:
Nicki Truesdell 940-297-9227
Nichole Hackney 580-371-8109
Dainah Blalock 940-665-2770