Thursday, September 17, 2009

Not So Typical . . .

I have truly been enjoying the "Typical Homeschool Day" thread you all have been keeping alive - WOW! It is nice to see our group open up a little. FYI: I've e-mailed with Renee before & she really doesn't bite - there is no need in being afraid to post :) Anyway, I am lovin' all the posts & have added them to our blog.

I was dying to chime in this week, but in all honesty, we started school this week & it has NOT been a "typical" week. In fact, we have yet to have a typical day . . .

Cows have jumped the fence & gotten out on the road way causing me to have to stop everything & go cowgirl (yeehaw), the boys have woken up fighting each & every day with one another, 2 mischievous little boys (ahem, Tucker & Trevor, not to mention any names or anything) decided to pull every single Kleenex out of the new box (brought home especially for their little runny noses) & fill our trashcan with them, -- Oh yes, they all woke up with a small cold on the first day of school -- don't you know they were in good moods all day -- NOT!! Daddy brought home a new 4 wheeler & how could any 3rd grade boy focus on school when there is a new 4 wheeler to be ridden?
WAIT. Insert: What is homeschooling all about -- Those moments right there! Thankfully my husband reminded me of that when he all but took me hostage & took me on a 4 wheeler ride around our land with our boys. The fresh air, the cool breeze, the deer we saw, the boys' smiles as we raced around, their laughter -- "That is what it is all about!" The longer I homeschool the more I realize it is those real life moments that make all my sweat & tears worth every bit of it - not a completed math page.

So, after reading many of your typical days, I'm going to change the thread a bit & ask - what this week was "Not So Typical?"

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