Monday, September 14, 2009

A Typical Day By: Linda

We have tried it all and are now homeschooling one on a year-round plan.
This lets us do fewer subjects at a time and leaves room for enrichment
activities. It also promotes life-long learning skills. It is important to
learn to enjoy learning.

We tried public school and it was a disaster! They didn't teach the kids
squat. If you think you can't homeschool because you're not a teacher, well
that's a false illusion. If you have a pulse, care about your child's
education, their character, and can read, write and (bonus) have basic
computer skills you are highly qualified to teach your child. You will NOT
have to put up with the anti-parent poison that has infected our schools.
Nor will you have to wonder what is being taught to your child - without
your knowledge or approval - by "counselors" who have their own agendas.
Don't even get me started...

We tried private Christian school. Great teachers and staff who did their
best to promote Godly principles and high academic standards. Costs a
fortune. What we didn't expect was the secular snotty social scene with the
other kids. Nice parents - wretched kids! No thanks, I can get that for
free at public school. Narcissism isn't cute even if it is dressed up in
little plaid uniforms, but I digress...

We are back to homeschool and happy as larks. The co-ops are great sources
of information and support. The kids and families are tremendous. LOTS of
great extra-curricular opportunities and enrichment that would not be
possible in a private / public school setting. I've found that a key to
success in school (any school) is for the child to take responsibility and
accountability for their education. Do not expect a child to come to this
epiphany on their own. Expect to get static. Be a big person (who already
HAS their education) and hold the line. Bobbing, weaving and changing to
make them "happy" is a sure way to get defeated. (Been there - done that,
you've met my boys) Structure helps a lot. Discipline is a life skill
best learned young. That is where self-esteem comes from, by the way. (No,
it isn't fairy dust) I must say, Katy is doing great!

6 am out of bed
make bed, get dressed, start morning chores, get organized for the
7 am jog a mile (gets those brain cells snapping and keeps the hiny tiny)
7:30 breakfast, clean up after yourself (a critical life skill worth
finish any morning chores, chat with Dad
8 am Personal Bible study
8:30 School Starts
schedule of classes varies by day but is regularly scheduled so
there is no question of what needs to be accomplished
12 n LUNCH!
ask questions, get help as needed, chill out a bit
3:30 done with classes, put on swimsuit, get a cool drink, and take reading
book to floatie chair to read in pool. Life is good.
5pm Set table for dinner
6pm Dinner
Clear table and kitchen (Home Economics 101)
7pm Enjoy evening with the family
homework if necessary
Extra curricular activities some nights

If it doesn't get done during the school day then mom needs to know why. If
there is a problem - tell me. Got a question - ask it. Otherwise, it
becomes homework. Welcome to the real world. Fits and baditudes are not
problem solving skills. If you wouldn't dream of pulling it in private
school on the teacher, don't consider trying it on me. Dad is the
principal and you don't want to get sent to his office. Personal
accountability is a big deal. Success rocks!

Katy has set a goal for herself to go to the Naval Academy - her idea, not
mine. So, if my approach to homeschool sounds a bit militaristic, well
then... OK.

Semper Fi, little sister! Your mama is your biggest fan.


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