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About Enrichment Classes

Red River Enrichment Classes meets at First Baptist Church of Gainesville for two semester per year: a Spring semester (January-April) and a Fall Semester (September - November). Each semester is 10 weeks. All classes take place on Fridays. 

Goal - The goal of Enrichment Classes is to enrich the lives of our children through classes taught in a group setting by parent/teachers willing to volunteer their time to share of their knowledge in a particular subject area.  The key to success is cooperation.  At least one parent from each family is expected to be involved and on the premises during the time his/her children are in class.

 Description - Red River Enrichment Classes is a cooperative teaching and learning experience for home schooling families in the surrounding area.  Parents teach a variety of classes on Fridays to small groups of home-schooled children. Children of all ages are welcome to attend, providing there are openings in his/her grade level. School aged children are divided as follows; K-1st grade, 2nd -3rd grade, 4th -6th grade, 7th-8th grade, 9th-12th grade.  Classes are taught from a Christian perspective (no New Age ideas, evolution, humanism, etc.), but in deference to others’ religious beliefs, denominational doctrine is not taught.
See the complete Red River Enrichment Classes Handbook HERE.
Interested in joining Enrichment Classes? We look forward to having you as a part of our group.

How to Apply for Membership in Red River Enrichment Classes

  1. Read the Admission Policy
  2. Print, fill in, and mail the Application Form and have the Reference Form completed (be sure to include the $18.95 per parent payment for background checks)
Application Form
    Applications will be considered on a first-come first-served basis. You will be notified by email of your acceptance into the program and will be given the current class schedule and information.  

The director of EC will hold your application until time to fill any openings that our classes have for the upcoming semester. At that time, a Board Member will telephone or email you

• To extend you an invitation to join us or

• To ask if you would like to wait to join us at a later time if we don’t have any openings for the upcoming semester.


New membership is limited and applications will be accepted based upon class availability. We will continue to take applications for the waiting list if the membership limit is reached.

To keep EC a manageable size, we do have some requirements. Membership is open to all families home educating at least one child who will be 5 years old AND in Kindergarten or above during the current academic year. Nursery and preschool classes are reserved for their younger siblings.

Under no circumstances will a student who has been removed from public or private school because of behavior or discipline problems be permitted to attend EC. If discovery is made after registration, the student will be removed from EC automatically.

EC is neither a substitute for nor an alternative to schooling at home. The program will facilitate the educational process to a high degree and relieve burdens, but it does not replace parents' responsibilities in the process. In fact, your participation and supervision will be integral to your child's success at EC.

 Background Checks

In an effort to protect our children, we require that all new parents (both Mom and Dad) submit to a background check prior to acceptance. Since we all benefit equally from this policy, we ask that each person pay for his or her own. Nationwide criminal searches are conducted through Criminal Watchdog.

Additionally, any adult who might replace you on the premises in your absence must have a background check conducted prior to their visit (Grandma, grown son or daughter, etc.).

Grade levels - As parents, we are aware of our children's social and academic abilities, but teachers are familiar with the levels of the courses. Posted grade limits give an idea of the level to which the class will be geared. We request that students not be more than two years below or above their grade peers in age.

Special Needs - Because most parents are not equipped to teach children with severe disabilities or maintain discipline in a class with special needs children, please prayerfully consider if co-op fits your special needs child. It may be necessary for the parent of any child to be assigned as a teacher or helper in some or all of the child's classes.

Why do we have such strict admission rules?

The longevity of EC and the positive impact it has on families’ lives is due to the grace of God and the hard and selfless work of all of our volunteer parents. Having families drop out after registration causes holes in our organization and causes a strain on the rest of the group. Our goal is to enrich the lives of homeschoolers, not to cause stress.

If you withdraw from EC before or during the semester, then your jobs (either as cleaner or teacher or as helper) will remain open for the semester unless they are covered by another volunteer member of EC. If you are scheduled to teach a class, then that class will have to be cancelled or taken over by another mom who should not have to take on additional responsibilities over and above her other EC responsibilities. If you are scheduled as a cleaner for the semester, then your cleaning team will be short one person for the entire ten weeks of the semester if you drop out before the final week of the semester. These cleaning crews should not be penalized by having to do more than their share of work because of your absence. EC students should not be penalized by having their class cancelled at the last minute because of your absence.

 Please strongly consider your ability to fulfill your commitment to our group BEFORE accepting an invitation to join our membership.

It is our strongest desire to support Christian homeschoolers in all aspects of their development, but the good of the program remains the principle responsibility and the primary concern of the Board Members.

By enrolling your children, you are committing to EC for the entire semester, so we ask you to consider your decision prayerfully before joining. Your attendance and punctuality are crucial because we depend on one another for a successful year. When even one parent is late or absent or quits, it puts a heavier burden on the rest of us, and consequently, the children suffer.

Therefore, if you already know that you may miss three or more Fridays per semester due to vacations or prior commitments, please do not join our program as you and your children will already miss a full quarter of classes, not including possible illnesses. We understand that illnesses and emergencies occur unexpectedly, and we do not want anyone who may be sick to attend, but we also respect the time and effort that instructors put into their classes each week. They deserve the mutual respect of having their helpers and students present in class and on time, barring unforeseen situations and illnesses. Because children look to their parents to set examples and take them to co-op, we ask parents to remember their own commitment and make punctual attendance a priority. Please schedule appointments and vacations accordingly, secure substitutes when you are absent for any reason, and leave your home in plenty of time to be punctual each week.

Fees - Registration per semester is $40 per family. $25 of this is paid to First Baptist Church for the use of their facility. The remaining $15 covers administrative costs.  No one in EC receives any compensation for their services.

Additionally, there is a one-time background check fee of $18.95 per parent (Mom and Dad).

If you withdraw from EC at any point after Registration, you will forfeit your $40 Registration Fee. If you withdraw one month before the first day of classes, you will also forfeit your class fees, as these will already be paid to the teachers.

Teaching - Once your family has attended for one full semester, we invite you to teach classes. This is not required, but it does have its benefits (early registration, not being on the cleaning crew, etc.). Announcements about class submissions will be made during the semester.

Red River Enrichment Classes welcomes you to our group. We look forward to meeting you!

If you have any questions about this information, do not hesitate to contact a Board Member.

Nicki Truesdell 

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Questions of a Mom to a Soon-to-be Freshman

As my oldest enters the realm of high school I find myself treading on unfamiliar territory.

What now?  

Credits, transcripts, dual credits, ACT, SAT - OH MY!!

Q:  Credit?  What constitutes a credit?

A:  A full year course is equal to 1 credit.  Typically 1 credit is equivalent to 120-180 hours.  A 1/2 year course or 60 hours merits 1/2 a credit.  Elective classes are usually 30 hours (1/4 credit).  On average 6-8 credits are earned per school year.

Q:  Which classes should my freshman be taking to ensure she receives enough credits (general course of study)?

A:   Language Arts - every year
      Math - 3-4 years  Suggested classes:
  • Algebra I
  • Algebra II
  • Geometry
  • Trigonometry
  • Calculus

      Science - At lease 3 years of laboratory science classes.  A good combination includes a year of each of      
                     the following: 
  • Biology
  • Chemistry or Physics
  • Earth/Space Science
     History/Social Studies -  1 full year of U.S. History, 1 full year of World History, & half a year of
                                           U.S. Government & Economics

     Foreign Language - 2-3 years

     Arts - 1 or 2 semesters in the arts is a  good choices (include studio art, dance, music, & drama)

Q:  What are electives?

A:  Typically courses that fall outside of the main core academic subject areas.  Electives are not required, but a student chooses to take them. They typically reflect a teen’s interests, introduce or improve skills, or are directly related to a future career. Electives do not require as much time or work as a core subjects, but should include educational content.
Possible electives include the following:
  • Apologetics
  • Bible  
  • Business Related
  • Communication
  • Computer
  • Fine Arts
  • Health 
  • Life Skills
  • Physical Education
  • Social Sciences

Q:  What is a transcript & where do I get one?

A:   A transcript is a record of the courses your child completed in high school, the credit he/she earned for each course, & a final grade for the course.  They also include a grade point average & personal information for identification purposes.  You can create a transcript for your child.  For sample transcripts & step-by-step instructions see HSLDA High School Website.

Faith Based Boys

Faith Based Boys is a leadership and character development program serving boys 5-18 years old.  The name of this new organization, its logo, along with its program elements will be developed by a coalition of interested parents and stakeholders who believe that a Christ centered, skills based opportunity is necessary for young men “to be raised in the way they should go”.  This coalition, with assistance from American Heritage Girls, is working to provide an interdenominational program that will be available across the nation.  It is set to launch in Fall 2013.

Please see for more information

American Heritage Girls

American Heritage Girls is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the mission of building women of integrity through service to God, family, community and country.  AHG is for girls ages 5-18.  
To learn more about AHG please visit 

For more information about our local troop TX1618 please contact

Monday, July 23, 2012

Weather Wits and Science Snickers by Steve LaNore

Steve LaNore, weatherman for KXII TV Channel 12 in Sherman, TX has written an eBook full of fun weather humor! Mr. LaNore is reaching out to homeschool parents to share this book and his love of learning. It's called "Weather Wits and Science Snickers" and is only $3 for the download.

You can download this book to Amazon or Barnes and Noble, and you don't have to have an eReader to do so! Check it out and be sure to let Steve know what you think.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Class Ideas for EC

Sometimes you want to teach, but you have no idea WHAT to teach! It happens to everyone from time to time. So, here are a few suggestions...and maybe these will take you on rabbit trails to more ideas! Click here to download a blank form for a Class Descriptions.
Check back often to see additional ideas!
Magic Tree House Grades 2-3 or 4-6 Assign one book to be read each week at home, and then discuss the topic in class (dinosaurs, mummies, tornadoes, etc.). has an entire section for teachers with free printable activities and teacher notes for every book.
Magic School Bus Grades K-1 or 2-3 Easy and fun science activities can be adapted from the books or video episodes. The Scholastic website has great links to go with all the topics (bats, gravity, oceans, and more) and there are easy science experiments in the back of each book.

Home Economics is a lost art, or is it? Keep it alive with a basic skills class for high schoolers. This Pinterest board has a few links to start, or go with a program like Keepers at Home.

Unit Studies on any topic are easily adapted to Enrichment Classes. Homeschool Share has an extensive list of Unit Study topics listed by age, from Preschool to High School!

Birds are fun for any age. Here are some links to all sorts of fun bird learning activities.
Crafts are always popular. Need some ideas? Here are plenty for the high school age. Make something new every week and even use them for gifts!

Preschool classes take a certain special kind of teacher! If this is your crowd, and you just need some inspiration, look no further than these links!

The ideas are endless. Read this article for more.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

2012-2013 School Pictures

PAYMENT IS EXPECTED ON PICTURE DAY. Packages range in price from $15-55.

We will have Senior portraits in February during Enrichment Classes, followed by picture retakes and group photos (of groups such as Cub Scouts etc.).  There will not be another day for Senior pictures.  If you are unable to make this date and you are a Senior, then you must contact Angela Dick, Yearbook Coordinator, so she can determine another school location for you to take pictures at.