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"First day of Red River Christian Homeschoolers Enrichment Classes! I don't think Noah's ever had so much fun. And I must say - all of you RRCHS parents: you have some FANTASTIC kids! I was with high schoolers, jr. high, pre-k, and in the nursery, and I was pleasantly surprised at the integrity and sociability of every age group! Good job, guys!
. . . Since I taught at all levels in the public school I was kind of expecting something akin to that (better, of course, but somewhat the same tendencies), and it really did blow my mind at how great the kids were. They all were so willing to learn and were so helpful and friendly to each other and to the teachers. I was excited before, but now I'm even more so." - Amy

Current Board Members:

Nichole Hackney
Dainah Blalock
Codi Mathes

Contact a Board Member at redriverenrichmentclasses@gmail.com

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