Thursday, November 19, 2009

Red River Lady Rattlers

Hi, my name is Liberty Davidson, and I’ve been on the basketball team since we were the Bulldogs (six years ago!) Fortunately we changed our name to the Rattlers, which title we have proudly held since our second year.

We’ve had our struggles and our triumphs as a team. We’ve known what it’s like to go on a seemingly never-ending losing streak, but we’ve also known the great feeling of countless victories in a row.

Three years ago, the team welcomed a new coach, Dwayne Holman, and we joined a sports league that exists exclusively for home schooled and private schooled teams. In March, we made it all the way to the State Championship and finished as runners-up!

The Lady Rattlers have consistently improved over the last several years, and the beginning of the 2009-10 season has been no different. We have been victorious in each of our first three official games!

This year our team consists of twelve talented players:

#3Tess Hough
#5 Morgan Ayers
#14 Hayli Hough
#21Victoria Blessing
#23Liberty Davidson
#33Mallory Clayton
#2 Katy Palmer
#13 Virginia Land
#15 Teresa Dhooghe
#24 Nikki Morgan
#41 Kalie Lovejoy
#45 Allison Land

We value determination, team work, good sportsmanship, and most of all, playing our best. As Coach Holman says, “If you leave it on the court, you will be victorious.”

The home schooled boys in our group have also had a team for the last three years, and they have been doing excellent!

We are really excited about the promising season ahead for both teams. What makes it even more exciting is when YOU, our fans, show up and cheer!

All our home games are held at Radware Elementary School in Woodbine. Here’s the address:
668 FM 3164GAINESVILLE, TX 76240-9082

Please feel free to call Coach Dwayne Holman for directions, 940-447-4710

To read more about the Lady Rattlers, click here.

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  1. From Kari Davidson,

    Great article, Liberty. Ya'll have come a long way. It is sad to see some of our girls graduating out this year. I remember when ya'll were all so little and just starting out. I love coming to the games! I look forward to seeing both teams go to state this year. Go Rattlers!