Sunday, March 1, 2009

Lady Rattlers Basketball

In 2004, the Red River Lady Rattlers basketball team was created to provide an opportunity for home schooled girls to play basketball. The team’s motto is simple, “No Excuses, No Explanations; Leave It on The Court.” The mission of the Red River Lady Rattlers is to develop a fundamental concept of the game individually that will establish team performance in a positive and Christian atmosphere. The goal of the Red River Lady Rattlers is to enhance personal and team development daily through hard work, determination, accountability, and commitment while building self-confidence.

This fall will mark the Lady Rattlers sixth season with expectations at greater heights but achievable. The last two seasons, the Lady Rattlers achieved winning records through teamwork and growth. The team’s successes consist of:

2007 ETACC Christmas Open Invitation Champions
2008 ETACC District Runner-up
2009 T-CAL Regional Third Place
2009 T-CAL State Runner-up

Becoming a Lady Rattler means total commitment to the team throughout the season, both on and off the court; therefore, in order to maintain this level of commitment, Lady Rattlers must be academically sound, attend practices and games, and complete at home tasks. Due to the lack of practices each season, Lady Rattlers are required to complete a home-exercise program and are strongly encouraged to work on skills and fundamentals at home.

The Lady Rattlers are affiliated with the Texas Christian Association League (T-CAL). Each year, T-CAL holds Regional and State Tournaments, which are normally afar from home. So, each year, the team participates in different fundraisers to aid with the expenses. Lady Rattlers are encouraged to assistance in this initiative. Fundraisers, also, help satisfy uniforms, equipment, and referee necessities.

If you are interested in joining the Red River Lady Rattlers, contact Coach Dwayne Holman at the email provided below.

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  1. We have an awesome team and a great coach. I love the bond between the girls and seeing how much they support each other. I feel like this team experience has and will continue to benefit my daughter in the area of her character,self-discipline and greater knowledge and skill in the sport itself - not to mention the friendships she has developed.

  2. Katy Palmer #2March 16, 2009

    Our coach and our team is great! It has helped me in a lot of areas. I have made a lot of friends and I'm having a blast.