Friday, November 20, 2009

Red River Rattlers Boy's Basketball

Hey my name is Alec Hilliard I play point guard for the Red River Rattlers. September 29th of this year (Andrew and my birthday) shined a little light upon season number three for the guys with some scrimmage games in Bellevue, TX, a long way from the team that started in ’07 with about six players. We are officially a varsity team now and have played public, private, and other home-schooled teams around North Texas. This is going to be a very fun year since it is our first year in the TCAL conference and we will get to go to district and state! We have had ups and downs in our numbers, but now have a full team of 15 guys.

#1 Nick Dhooghe
#3 Andrew Flowers
#11 Kaleb Moses
#13 Sam Leach
#14 Josh Honea
#21 Timmy Teater
#22 Peter Dhooghe
#23 Trent Harvey
#24 Daniel Huffman
#32 Aaron Leach
#41 Alec Hilliard
#51 Phillip Dhooghe
#52 Dominic Dhooghe
#55 David Dhooghe
#??? Sam Fink

We are so blessed with our coach, Steve Ayers who drives us around the world to take us to our games and gives up his weekdays and Sundays to come out and shoot with us. Dale Harvey has been a big help in coaching some of the newer guys and helps us out. They both have high expectations for our team and Mr. Steve always says we work for “excellence” and out on the court our motto is “attack!” We hope to place well this year in the conference and make it to state, that is, if we can get everyone better from sickness and injuries. We love the game of basketball more than any other sport and enjoy trying to be the best we can be for the team. We have put in tons of hours over the summer with working out and improving our game. (Some players with over 375hrs.) Liberty posted a schedule so hopefully y’all can catch one of our games sometime! Our guys sure play hard!

Be blessed,
Alec H.


  1. From Kari Davidson
    Great article, Alec. Your team has come a long way. I am looking forward to both teams going to state. Attack!

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