Saturday, August 28, 2010

How to Get Ready for EC

This is a tongue-in-cheek look at how Enrichment Class preparation can look in some households.

For homeschooling families, a day away from home at classes can be exhausting. Here are some nuggets of wisdom from a 10 year veteran of EC.

1. Wait until Monday of the first week of EC to prepare your class supplies. It's even better if you wait until the night before. This ensures that you will go to sleep seeing visions of your lesson plan and you'll be well-versed in your subject for class the next day.

2. Stay up as late as possible on Thursday night. Midnight or later is preferable. This shows true dedication.

3. Assemble various junk foods around you as you cut, glue, type, copy, stack, and pack your supplies. This will give you a quick rush of energy, and then you'll have that crash you need to fall into bed later.

4. Get up 4 hours before you're supposed to be at EC. This will come in handy when you remember a few last-minute preparations, like typing supply lists, stuffing sacks, etc., while dressing and feeding your children.

5. Don't make your bed before you leave. You'll want it nap-ready this afternoon!

6. Save make-up application for the drive to EC. You want your look to be as fresh as possible when you get there, while giving the other moms the impression that you've got it all under control.

7. Stuff various snack foods in your purse to inhale as you run down the hall to your first class.

8. Give thanks to God that you had the good sense to at least put some food in the crock pot for dinner, because, MAN you're gonna need it!

9. Make mental notes during the day of all the contacts you need to make, stuff you should've packed, and lessons to plan for next week. Promptly forget them.

10. Do it all again next week!

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