Tuesday, June 5, 2012

College Prep - Homeschool Dual Credit

If you are looking for another dual credit option, consider the College Prep program from College Plus.

"CollegePrep is a one semester dual credit and collegiate preparation program for homeschool high school students ages 14-18. CollegePrep does not require your student to increase their workload, take additional classes, or force you to buy extra curriculum.

Through CollegePrep, your student earns high school and college credit, at the same time, for what they are already learning, using curriculum you already own. And, this counts as an honors course on your student’s high school transcript.

During your student’s one semester in CollegePrep, they can earn 12 accredited and transferable college credits, which are also worth 2 high school credits, for what they are learning in subjects like History, Science, Math, and Literature."

 College Prep Website

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