Saturday, January 21, 2012

“Subscribing” To Our Website

Did you know that you could receive any new posts & updates from our website right in your email inbox?  That’s right – you do not have to visit our site directly to stay connected.  Just look for this little box in our sidebar to the right & enter your email address.  It is that simple!  Then any new posts will be delivered to your email.


You also have the option to “subscribe” to our website.  If you are a blog reader, you probably are familiar with “readers” such as “Google Reader”, to add our website to your reader follow the following steps:

You will notice this little box in the right side-bar of our website:


If you click on the posts section this window will pop up:


This gives you the option to “subscribe” to our website in any of the readers listed.  Just click the reader of your choice & follow the steps to add our site to your reader.  By “subscribing” any new posts to our blog will automatic be added to your reader.

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