Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Support a Soldier!

Joshua Zimmerer, a 2007 RRCH graduate AND a proud member of the United States Marines, is currently serving his 4th deployment overseas. He is serving on a ship in Pakistan, and is not scheduled to come home until May. He is married to Hilary Land Zimmerer, another 2007 RRCH graduate. They have one cute little boy, named after his daddy.

The Good Citizenship class at EC is collecting items for a Christmas box to send to Josh. We would love to send Christmas cards or goodies from as many members of RRCH as possible. Hilary gave us a few specific ideas for Josh:

Beef jerky
tootsie rolls
hunting magazines
western paperbacks
baby wipes
any hygiene products
canned ready-to-eat foods (like Ravioli) with pull-tab lids
other non-perishable foods and snacks

Items will be collected until Friday, November 5. Please drop your donations off at Temple Baptist Church on Fridays during Enrichment Classes or contact Nicki Truesdell for other times at nickiloves2quilt@yahoo.com.

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