Monday, July 19, 2010

Calgon, Take Me Away . . .

Almost coming in first under Top Homeschool Products were: Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Dr. Pepper
Personally, when the kids are on my LAST nerve or the phone keeps ringing when I am TRYING to read a book aloud, or I just need a little pick me up, my fav is SWEET TEA. If only there was a Taco Casa in Forestburg!!! During the winter it's Starbucks apple cider. It is always a race on Friday mornings to see if I can make it to town early enough to swing through the drive thru before our enrichment classes. Sweet Tea or Apple Cider just seem to make the day better.
How 'bout you? Are you a morning coffee drinker? I know I have seen many of you in the same Starbucks line I sit in! What get's your day off to a good start? OR what helps you make it through the afternoon?
Come on . . . Spill it!! (No, pun intended!)

“Yes, sweet tea for me, too. I having with breakfast (or before) every morning. Don't like coffee, and gave up DP.”

“I am so blessed to be able to read the bible and drink a few cups of hot tea every morning. I couldn't manage to find the time when the kids were younger, but now, I think I can't function without that quiet time! My current tea favorites are Wisdom of the Ancients Yerba Mate Royale and Yogi Muscle Recovery Green Tea. I buy both of those from Michelle's United coop.
I also enjoy Uncle Lee's Jasmine Green Tea and Uncle Lee's White Tea (tastes just like black tea) that I purchase from Alison's Frontier coop. “

“Venti Starbucks Iced Double Shot with White Mocha gets me through the rough days. Two of our homeschool graduates introduced me to this drink, last year when I was getting ready for Cotillion and my energy level was at zero.”
- Pennye

“Starbucks is my pick up.I drink cheap, instant decaf diluted by half with a generic brand of vanilla soy pre-warmed in a microwave.  What do I know about taste?  Know what I like about
Starbucks?  My personal unwritten rule:  No Kids Alowed.  For years, I never took a day off unless it was sanctioned by their father.  This was my choice, not his demand. He worked so many long, hard hours, I figured he needed his
rest.  Then one day while feeling particularly murderous I realized I hadn't had a day off in 2 YEARS.  Now, I strike out whenever the humor is on me.”

“Everyone should get a break.  Sometime during my 30's, while being either pregnant or lactating or both for 10 (yes, that's ten) sleep-deprived, contiguous years, I decided everybody needs some down time. That may mean going to my room for a "Mommy time-out" or talking on the phone or, rarely, it means a night out with my dh or friends. Having a break keeps me out of survival mode, that robotic, pragmatic state in which all creativity and humor is lost.
Coffee, chocolate, and tea can help. But when I have 5 minutes and am inspired to do something really invigorating for myself and my kids, I turn on the music and we all dance.”

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