Friday, April 10, 2009

Planning for Graduation

For those with upcoming seniors, a high school graduation ceremony needs to get going in the planning stages as soon as the senior year begins. There are only a few locations large enough in Gainesville that are also affordable. A reservation should be made as soon as possible. The end of May and beginning of June are hectic months for everyone. The locations in this town get reserved quickly for various parties, weddings, graduations, etc.

As homeschoolers, one of the hardest parts about schooling at home is realizing that we are also responsible for all extracurricular activities and planning; but this responsibility can also be one of the most exciting aspects. We get to decide the "when and where" as well as the "what color", among everything else one must decide.That said, from experience there are a couple of easy ways to get hands on graduation supplies.

NCTC, whose graduation gown color is a royal blue, will sell gowns to RRCHS and also offers a few extras that can be purchased through their supplier. While not all inclusive as to supplies, the price for the gown is completely affordable. The other option is to go outside town for a graduation supply company. One that has been used several times by Red River Christian Home School is a company that was started by a home school mom out of frustration at the lack of quality graduation caps, gowns, and supplies from one supplier. The contact information for this company is: or 1-877-466-2563

Their list of supplies includes: diplomas & covers, apparel, announcements, "honors" items, accessories, and group packages. This company is very competitive and a joy to work with.

Additionally, they offer discounts for early bird and group packages. The first deadline for getting a discount is December 1. Now you can see why you would want to have quite a bit of planning behind you in the fall.

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